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  • About SIDios

    SIDios is an online solution used to capture basic data and biometrics records for a group of indviduals ranging from small office, schools, to the entire citizens of a country.

    The objective of this is to solve identity management issues and integration with a third party application. Some of the advantages of SIDios include.

  • SIDios Advantage

    * Customizable interface for each unique client.

    * Client access to portal for easy management of data.

    * Seamless integration of captured data into third party applications such as:

    * Payroll,
    * Card Management Systems (CMS),
    * Human Resource Management Systems(HRMS),
    * Customer Relation Management Systems (CRMS),
    * Health Management Systems,
    * Access Control & Time and Attendance Systems.

    * Staff Audit and Verification.

    * Identification and Elimination of Ghost Workers.

    * Provision of General Multipurpose cards (Access + ID Payment + Biometrics)

    * Identity verifications.

    * Know Your Customer Requirements (KYC)

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